Knights in the Nightmare has a multi-layered combat system that may take some time to learn-that’s why there is a demo on the Nintendo Channel that allows you to go through the tutorial and practice each of the different battle aspects, but for those who either do not have a Wii and can’t download the demo or just want to see a little more explanation, Atlus is here to provide.

They have sent us the second in their tutorial video series for Knights in the Nightmare, with the focus this time on the lawful and chaotic phases that you must switch between. You earn different items and can use different attacks depending on which phase you are in, and as the Atlus folks in the video attest to, you will need to switch between the two in order to be successful.

If you haven’t checked out the first video in the series, be sure to do so; the trailer for the title is also there. If you have, check out this new video below as well, and get yourself pumped for the release of what looks to be, at the least, a unique and challenging RPG experience for the Nintendo DS.

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