It should be no surprise to any “How I Met Your Mother” fans that the identity of Ted Mosby’s wife has still not been revealed, but once again we feel closer than ever to finding out who carried Ted’s children. As Ted announces in his usual end-of-show-monologue, “This was the year I was stood up at the altar, got in a fight with the crazy bar tender, and was beaten up by a goat. A girl goat at that, but it was the best year of my life.” It seems once again that the season’s culmination of events has lead Ted to finally be in the right place and the right time to meet his future bride.

After failing to land his first gig as a solo architect, Lily asks Ted why he doesn’t just give it up and just try something else. The episode, titled “The Leap” comes from Ted’s metaphorical leap from his “life plan” depicted by a literal leap when the fivesome (Marshall, Robin, Barney, Lily and Ted) finally have the guts to jump from the roof of their apartment to the roof next door “" something it has taken them years to gain up the courage to do. So Ted decides to quit his architecture firm and become a professor and we are told that his future wife was in his first class, and four seasons later the story is still “just beginning”.

The harsh thing is that the search for Ted’s future Mrs. Mosby has become little more than just a title for the show. The epic quest has been overshadowed by a force much greater and deep down (or maybe not even that deep) fans of the show hope that Ted delays meeting his wife as long as possible because it means more time to watch the hilarity that is Barney Stinson’s life.

It’s not much of a secret that Neil Patrick Harris steals the show in almost every episode “"- backed up by the fact that he is the only cast member to receive acting nods from the Emmys and Golden Globes. From day one we have watched as he bed hopped his way through Manhattan and fist bumped after every inappropriate quip. This season we were treated to a different side of Barney as he gradually accepted he was feeling more than just carnal lust for a female. I spent the fourth season of “How I Met Your Mother” with absolutely no interest in Ted’s quest for true love but enthralled by the fact that Barney was falling head over heels for Robin Scherbatsky.

I, along with millions of other “How I Met Your Mother followers,” were hoping for just one moment during last night’s finale. All season long legions of fans have been tuning in for teasing bits of the Barney and Robin love debacle, hoping against all logical hope that some day we’d be offered sweet relief. We watched as he tried to reform his promiscuous ways, saved her from being deported and awww’d through every jealous tanrum he threw when Robin paired up with any other male. In typical “How I Met Your Mother” fashion they finally gave us what we had been crossing our fingers for”¦ kind of.

The set up has been building for episodes now, but the biggest implication of Barney and Robin becoming a reality was two weeks ago when Barney tore up his list of sexual conquests, saying that his days of male whoredom were over and questioning, “What now?” right as Robin walked into the bar. Hearts were a flutter when the finale began with Barney asking for Ted’s permission to officially tell Robin how he feels.

We are let down when we find out that Robin overheard the admission and decides to “pull a Mosby” by telling Barney that she’s in love with him so he will run away. Luckily, Barney pushes the issue, but as two typical commitment-phobes, no concrete resolution is met. I felt some satisfaction in Robin’s admission that she really did have feelings for Barney and the kiss was epic. The union was never made official though which downplayed the awesomeness the pairing was supposed to inspire.

I’m hoping next season will put all of our minds at ease and I am interested to see how much longer they can post pone Ted meeting his children’s mother (how long have they been sitting on that couch listening to him talk now anyways?). In “How I Met Your Mother” terms this finale was typically legen “" wait for it, wait for it”¦yeah, just going to keep waiting for it.

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