Activision announced Blur today, what the publisher is calling a title that will “revolutionize the genre” with its unique take on the somewhat tired racing experience.

Details have been scant on the project from Bizarre Creations so far and all we really know, until E3 rolls around, is that 20 cars will race at the same time, collecting “intense power-ups” vying for the ultimate goal of crossing the finish line first.

Blur has been dubbed as “Mario Kart meets Forza” and will incorporate defensive and offensive driving tactics, the aforementioned power-ups, real world locations including Barcelona Spain and San Francisco, spectacular crashes and tons more.

Interestingly, Blur’s narrative is made possible by a community-based interface, a facet of gameplay that transcends the game itself, make new friends, rivals and fans, and connect with racers in-game and in real life.‚  Oh no, not real life!

This project seems very interesting, but really only because of speculation.‚  Once hard details are unveiled, most likely at E3, we’ll really know what we’re looking at here.

Blur is in development for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC with a planned release date of fall 2009.

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