The Xbox division at Microsoft is serious about keeping the online playing field as even, safe, and protected as possible.‚  But just how far is the company willing to go to make cheating a shameful and shady practice?

In the most recent (number 371 if you’re counting) all things Xbox podcast from Major Nelson, Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement enforcer Stephen Toulouse detailed enforcement policies and repercussions for infractions of said policies and they are hefty to say the least.

Identified and convicted cheaters on Xbox Live will have their Gamerscores reset to zilch, nada, zero, and also have their Gamercards flagged with a “Scarlet Letter” of sorts identifying the gamer for his or her dirty deed.

Don’t think a reset Gamerscore is a big deal?‚  Take for example an RPG like Oblivion.‚  It is not unreasonable to log 50 to 100 hours to achieve a healthy Gamerscore, not to mention the inherent “Achievement Whore” mentality many gamers embody.‚  You take away our Gamerscore, you take away our soul.

As a frequenter of Xbox Live, mostly to play Halo 3, I am disgusted at the thought of anyone, anywhere exploiting the natural system, and am very glad Microsoft is employing these harsh measures.

via Major Nelson

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