Role playing game giant Bethesda Softworks, the group responsible for the Oblivion and Fallout series, announced and announcement today for an upcoming Wii title and spoke to what it takes to enter the Wii market and truly succeed.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Sean Brennar of Bethesda Europe when questioned regarding the viability of a Bethesda product on the Wii scene, responded as such:

“Is there space in the Wii market for that? I think there is, but again, it’ all about finding out how big that is. Is it 5 per cent? If it’s five per cent of the market and you can own that space it’s worth doing because you can achieve volume. If you can’t own it at five per cent, it’s not worth doing, quite frankly.”

The Wii market is massive, no one is debating that, and Bethesda surely knows it. ‚ But what Mr. Brennar revealed next should really get Wii RPG fans thirsty for something other than Zelda giddy with excitement.

“We are going to make an announcement on a really big Wii game this year, we’ve got a couple of other things in the pipeline, and it’s a format we’re really looking at with the right approach.”

Got that? Not just a Wii game.‚  A “really big” Wii game.‚  Bethesda knows all about expansive and altogether massive environments, storylines, and game-play elements, so the emphasis on the largeness of the title should not go underappreciated.

Brennar left the interview on a singeing note by calling out other studios in their approach to the Wii market.

“We’re not going to establish a new range and call if ‘My Girly Game Range’ or whatever these other companies are doing, it’s so me-too and boring.”

I do not care for this current trend of announcements of announcements, and I damn sure hope Bethesda drops something official to look at or read very, very soon.

What do you think?‚  Does a Bethesda title stand a chance in the Wii market?

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  1. MikailCaboose

    Yes, I really do believe that there is a market for Bethesda products on the Wii. You can definitely feel the excitement over High Voltage Software’s The Conduit and The Grinder. The market exists on the Wii, it’s just that untill now no developers have really been chasing it.


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