Mega-publisher Activision, the boys who handle the Guitar Hero franchise, recently announced DJ Hero, Rock Hero, and Guitar Hero 5, all with little or no details.‚  Until today.

Gaming blog Kotaku knows a little something about the tentatively (or maybe not) named Guitar Hero 5, and we feel you’d do well to know the details.

According to the blog site, Guitar Hero 5 will contain a “Rockfest” mode, in which up to four players, wielding the same instruments, can rock to living room stardom together and competitively vying for the highest score.

And what would a Guitar Hero title be without its alluring soundtrack?‚  This fifth core iteration has confirmed artists including Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, and Johnny Cash.‚  GH5 has a lot to live up to in the soundtrack department when following up the highly varied, and altogether complete tracklist in World Tour.

Finally, Activision has answered the shouts of DLC-savvy fans in GH5 allowing for the upwards migration and playability of “all previously available downloadable music,” which we can only take to mean everything in World Tour + Metallica DLC.

Guitar Hero 5 releases this fall on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

via Kotaku

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