By now you probably know what you’re reading about when the words Nintendo, NPD, and sales figures are thrown in the same sentence.‚  And yes, you probably could have guessed Nintendo again dominated the market in the month of April, but by how much of a margin?

A statistic filled press release from the big N this morning acts as the pat on the back of the shoulder Nintendo doesn’t even need right now.

Prepare yourselves.‚  Nintendo sold 827,000 Nintendo DSi systems in April and on top of that, 215,000 Nintendo DS Lite systems.‚  Add them together and what do you get?‚  1.04 million.‚  Oh and, life to date figures for the DS family of portables surged to over 30 million in the month of April.

What about the big brother living upstairs, the Wii?‚  You guessed it.‚  The shiny white console remained the number one system in U.S. homes and pushed over 340,000 units in April bringing the life to date figure to the powerful 20 million mark.‚  Nintendo sold more Wii’s in April than every other current generation competitor combined.‚  Jeeze.

Yeah, Nintendo is huge.‚  Move along, nothing to see here.‚  Until E3 that is, and then we’ll have more reasons to surrender our monies to the Japanese company.

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