The Sims 3 is nearly upon us.‚  In just a few short weeks PC sales charts will absolutely explode with what will likely be record-shattering figures for the latest iteration in the absolutely massive Sim franchise.

The Sims 3 launches interestingly on June 2, also the first day of the hotly hyped E3 2009 convention in Los Angeles and will likely be the talk of the show, at least initially.

However, Electronic Arts, publisher of the hit series, announced a three-fold free teaser experience today, but really doesn’t amount to much other than fueling the ole hype machine.

SimSideKick, SimSocial, and SimFriend launched today and all offer a uniquely imaginative way to interact with websites, individuals, and even begin a character and take your Sim through a day in the life (of a Sim).

The best widget in my opinion is SimSideKick which allows you to select one of six Sims with varying personalities and wheel them around to every website you venture to.‚  What’s better is that your Sim will dance and react in different ways given the specific URL.‚  For instance on Twitter your Sim will be encircled by tweeting bluebirds.‚  Cute huh?

This is what your favorite website, looks like with the SideKick widget applied.


Head on over to for more info and to start using the three interactive applets, they’re at least something to hopefully hold you over until June.

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  1. Victoria

    I have played the Sims sinse I was little, from The Sims 1 to 2, and now 3. I can barely wait until June 2!

  2. shaman

    I loved the first sims and played it heaps, designing content, downloading content, buying every expansion pack. I looked forward to sims 2.

    Sims 2 was hugely disappointing. After hundreds and hundreds of dollars invested in sims 1, it went back to bare basics. All the effort was on 3D graphics, whilst decent functionality even close to what was previously available could only be had with the purchase of a half-dozen expansion packs.

    And when people complained at their website, they were censored.

    EA lost me as a customer at that point. Other games have to come to fill my leisure hours, but I’m careful to ensure they are not made by EA.

    I can guarantee you, I won’t make the same mistake with Sims 3.

  3. Danielle

    I absolutely was in LOVE with The Sims when it first came out. It was just mind blowing in my opinion. It was like my childhood dream of a virtual dollhouse.

    Sims 2 was actually really exciting for me too. I’ll admit that it’s become a like a 3D version of Sims 1, but think about it: Sims 3 is OBVIOUSLY not going to be like that!

    As for losing interest in EA games because the choose to censor comments aimed negatively for their company, THAT’S WHAT COMPANIES DO ALL THE TIME. It’s their sorry attempt to try and maintain a good image for future customers. And I don’t believe censoring comments affects the quality of the games they produce. If their games are good, I don’t care what kind of dirty company they are.

    You have to wait and give Sims 3 a chance. Sequel games are supposed to be better not worse, and I’m sure EA has learned from it.

  4. thesims3isawesome

    the sims franchise (simcity and simcopter, all that) has been around since before I was born, but it has been a huge part of my life.


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