New video footage for Terminator Salvation arrived today highlighting aerial attacks, but really there is nothing new to see here.

If somehow you are unaware of the general story of all Terminator projects the idea is quite simple:‚  In a post apocalyptic world, machines are the ruling (electrical) body and it is up to you to surmount impossible odds and bring down these bad-boys.

In prior trailers we’ve seen ground attacks, co-op game-play, and more, and a theme of overwhelming peril is constant throughout.‚  In this particular video, the fire is from above and using your varied arsenal, dynamic cover system, and set to what sounds like an epic soundtrack, the machines fall and you save the day.

Don’t get me wrong, the title looks excellent in every department only that this video isn’t anything groundbreaking, but still very worthwhile to watch if you’re curious about the title.

Terminator Salvation arrives of PS3, Xbox 360, and PC May 19 and we will have a review up before you can say John Connor.
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