Telltale Games, makers of such fine titles as Sam and Max, the Strong Bad series, and the recent Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures, turns five years old today with great success to their name.

The difference between a Telltale game and, well everybody else, is that the studio is always working on fresh content and releases titles as episodic content rather than a full blown game once every four years or so.

The Telltale mission statement promises games that keep you hungry for more, yet don’t make you wait too long to find out what happens next.‚  I particularly enjoy this approach and think it’s working exceptionally well at least for the latest Wallace and Gromit endeavor.‚  Read our reviews here and here

To celebrate the anniversary, Telltale launched what they are calling a “Spread The Word” campaign.‚  Sound familiar?‚  It should because it’s the same run of the mill ad campaign where if you sign up for the Telltale newsletter you’ll be able to download any Telltale game episode for the measly price of $5 and for every outsider you bring in, you’ll garner another $1 in credit.

If you’ve never ventured to the imaginatively awesome habitats of a Telltale game, $5 for any episode is a great way to begin your journey.

Spread The World @ Telltale

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