PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have raised a concern with the impending Circus Games series for DS and Wii.‚  They say that the game, which is oriented around the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey circus, represents negligence of violence towards animals and are urging publisher Take Two to cancel the title.

PETA summarizes their argument as such:

“We’ve told Take-Two about Ringling Bros.’ real-life, lengthy history of animal abuse and neglect and shown it undercover video footage of a standard industry training session, in which animal handlers used electric prods and bullhooks to gouge elephants in the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Even though it knows that circuses are no fun for animals, Take-Two is still moving forward with its plan to create a Ringling Bros. Wii game. Please send a message to Take-Two CEO Ben Feder urging him to sever ties with Ringling Bros. Let him know that you’d rather play a game featuring a circus that does not beat animals for “entertainment.”

If you feel moved enough to join the cause, throw your name on the petition list over at

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