EA Sports, in an effort to revamp the normative NHL yearly formula announced today a more brutish and physical approach for NHL ’10 including first person fist fights and rougher overall play.

EA has done a damn good job in the past two years with the NHL series to the tune of 19 Sports Game of the year accolades but is choosing to depart from the predictable and bring on the hardcore.

For the first time ever, fights, through a first person perspective will show up in a hockey sim title.‚  You’ll be able to grab your opponents’ jersey, sock him in the face, and be on your merry way.

This is not to say the NHL yearly games will become anything like “NHL Hitz” or other arcade types, only that the gritty physical component that has been lacking will be brought to the surface and highlighted beginning with NHL ’10.

In addition to literally in-your-face fighting, NHL ’10 will add over 200 gameplay refinements that EA Sports promises will bring about the most authentic simulation of hockey ever created.

EA Sports with the NHL series has absolutely dominated the market, for, well forever, and this latest iteration, if executed properly (which is a sure bet) will only bolster the already incessant following.

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