Harry Potter got an official date today.‚  No, not with Ginny, or any other lovely witch, rather Electronic Arts confirmed that the video game version of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will release June 30 for every piece of gaming equipment under the sun.

We all know the story by now-and in the video game Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year taking part in wizard duels, creating magical potions, and leading his Gryffindor Quidditch team to broomstick victory.

If you have not read the books and do not wish to learn the identity of the Half Blood Prince in video game form, the movie releases in July and the novels are at your local library.

As a big Potter fan (there I said it), I am ashamed for never playing any of these titles, especially as Quidditch looks so darn fun, maybe this is the one I pick up?

The Half Blood Prince, prepare yourself, arrives June 30 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PC, PlayStation 2, Macintosh, and mobile devises.‚  Phew.‚  You do have one of those, don’t you?

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