Hopefully you didn’t get rid of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift just yet, as Sony announced today an 8 week endeavor that will bring new paint jobs to familiar cars as well as a title update to the racing game.

Every week for the next 8 weeks Sony will unleash free DLC in the form of three new paint colors for all your favorite MotorStorm vehicles some of which are, as Sony puts it the “craziest and out-there vehicle sprays ever seen in a racing game!”‚  After the 8 weeks, all 24 racers potentially can look completely different, should you choose to apply the new designs.

In addition to the free DLC, update #2 is now live for the title and eliminates the unplanned shortcut on the Sugar Rush course, as well as fixing respawning issues on the same map, and most intriguingly the updates adds “Microbadges.”

Microbadges are essentially an in-game way of showing off your skill to rival competition online.‚ 

These badges are unlike Trophies in that you get to choose which 3 to 6 accomplishments you want shown off below your PSN ID.‚ 

Take for example these two badges that just may intimidate the competition:

‚ Immortal – Win an Online Ranked race without wrecking

‚ Flame and Fortune – 20 Boost explosion wins

Also, don’t worry if you’ve logged a gazillion hours in MotorStorm pre-badges, as the badges are retroactive and will pop up when the update is launched.

Badges pictured in-game below.


Via PlayStation Blog.

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