Being famous, well that’s great, but being infamous?‚  That’s a whole different beast-with emphasis on the beast.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive is ambitious to say the least.‚  A man, Cole, is framed for the total destruction of Empire City and as a result of the annihilation is left with residual electrifying super powers he can use to either exact revenge or help innocent citizens.‚  Oh moral decisions, how we love you!

From Sucker Punch Productions the creators of the Sly Cooper series, and published by Sony, inFamous is an dynamic and open world experience that aims to simulate what becoming a “modern-day-hero” feels like.

Interestingly, inFamous presents cutscenes in comic-book style adding a truly unique story telling method imaged below.

Furthermore, the demo will be made available on the PlayStation Network May 21, unless you’ve pre-ordered the title and you’re already playing it. For now, enjoy these new screens.

inFamous hits shelves exclusively for PS3 on May 26.










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