Ever watch Nickelodeon?‚  If you do, you probably know of a show called iCarly and the energetic and funny Miranda Cosgrove who plays the part of Carly.

The teeny bopper television show is centered on Carly and her web show iCarly.‚  The stunts are wacky, the dialogue is whimsical, and the show is one of Nickelodeon’s breadwinners ( I miss the good old days..Hey Arnold, Doug, Real Monsters..you know)

Activision seems to think the hilarity and mass following the show has garnered in just a few short years will make a great video game and announced iCarly the video game today due out in the fall on Wii and DS-who ‚ knew.

“iCarly is a groundbreaking show that encourages viewers to contribute content of their own,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. “This game is a natural extension of that creativity, and allows players to interact with the characters they know and love through a variety of different ways, any time they like.”

The gist of the impending video game is that gamers will create an iCarly webisode with show characters Carly, Freddie, Sam, work their way through mini-games (surprise), and guide them through “new adventures.”‚  In addition, an iCreate mode will allow players to swap in and out props, color schemes, characters, audio, and more I guess.

Activision was very scant on details in their official press release on the title and we’re not too sure what’s in the Wii and DS versions respectively, but you probably won’t end up playing the game anyway.

According to the semi-reliable Neilsen TV Ratings, iCarly receives about 26 million viewers per week making the video game transition a no-brainer on the part of Activision.

While I am not a fan of iCarly, I loved School of Rock and thought Cosgrove did a wonderful job in her role as the domineering Summer Hathaway


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