Few books have made as big of an impact on popular culture in the last decade as Dan Brown’s 2003 murder/conspiracy hit “The Da Vinci Code.” The book’s transfer to screen, directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks as hero symbologist Robert Langdon, hit just as big in the box office in the summer of 2006 with a total world wide grossing of over $700 million. It is no surprise that this summer’s string of blockbusters sees Brown’s prequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels and Demons,” coming to the big screen.

The new movie will focus on a secret organization known as the Illuminati and their grudge against the Vatican for their denial of great scientific discoveries. Langdon will be called to action in order to stop a plot to destroy Vatician city with an experimental substance known as anti-matter.

Once again, Tom Hanks stars as protagonist Robert Langdon, along with Ayelet Zurer as love interest Vittoria Vetra, Ewan McGregor as Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, and up-and-coming Italian actor Victor Alfieri as Lieutenant Chartrand.

Blast Magazine recently talked to Alfieri about his experience on the set of the movie and what it was like to work with film legends such as Ron Howard and Tom Hanks.

“My character works for the Roman police force,” explained Alfieri. “He is first there to assist with the original case, but then is convinced by Robert Langdon to investigate the matter of the Illuminati conspiracy personally.”

Almost born for the role, Alfieri is native to Rome and served on the police force for almost five years before moving to LA in the mid nineties to begin his acting career. He mused with Blast about the coincidence of his closeness with Chartrand’s character.

“Ron Howard didn’t believe me when I told him that I used to be a cop,” said Alfieri. “It was like winning the lottery to find a role that I fit into so perfectly. I was especially excited to be shooting back home.”

Lt. Chartrand’s part in the movie will remain as important as it was in the book. As fans of the book will remember, SPOILER ALERT Chartrand is pivotal in the death of C.E.R.N. director Maximilian Kohler, the accidental killing of fellow officer Captain Rocher and the end of the story when he delivers Langdon the Illuminati brand. END SPOILER.

Alfieri was able to catch the final cut of the movie in a premiere last week in Rome. He assures fans of the novel that the movie will stay very close to the source material.

“I am a big fan of both of Brown’s books,” said Alfieri. “There are a few changes made in the new movie, but it mainly takes the story directly from the book.”

Alfieri is far from an amateur in the acting business, having worked alongside such stars as Lindsay Price, Milo Ventimiglia, and Harvey Keitel, plus his extensive soap opera history. He commented that he was honored and humbled to work with a legend such as Tom Hanks. Though a proven master of both comedy and drama, Alfieri says that the most impressive thing about Hanks is not his acting ability, but his personality.

“Tom was a great guy,” Alfieri said. “He acts because he loves it and for no other reason. He would always come out and greet fans who were around the set and was all around a very genuine person.”

After “Angels and Demons,” Alfieri will be starring in the upcoming summer movie “My Father’s Will” and the Fox series “Persons Unknown.”

“I truly can’t wait for the new (Fox) series to premiere,” said Alfieri. “It is a unique show that is shot all around the world and is very stunning to look at.”

“Angels and Demons” premieres May 15th in theaters nationwide.

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    alfieri played lieutenant valenti of the vatican police, not chartrand – chartrand was schweizergarde, though the actor playing him (thure lindhardt) is danish, not swiss.


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