Why make new games when a perfectly good original is available for rampant spin-offs?

Electronic Arts and Maxis today announced Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena-two creatures built from the ground up for Wii and DS due out this fall.

As you’d probably expect the major components of both titles are creativity, exploration, and adventure-but you know, in a different way than Spore itself did.

Both Nintendo exclusive games are due out this fall at a to be determined price.‚  What we do know however are key components to each title.

Spore Hero, the Wii-make, is set in a 3-D world (could it not be?), is story driven and allows creators (gamers) to build a character through a modified Creature Creator toolset and embark upon an epic quest filled with battles, puzzles, and humor.‚  The end goal is to, you know, save your planet from total destruction-how clichƒ©.

On the portable side of things, Spore Hero Arena is much like its big brother in that gamers will create a “gladiator” and bolster his abilities, parts, and upgrades as fighters throughout the universe are conquered through arena-type battles. ‚ Best of all, Arena will allow for 4 player local multiplayer and 1 v. 1 via Wi-Fi.

If I can pull myself away from the highly addictive creature creator on PC I may just play one of these.

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