The vocal tones of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam aren’t for everyone-but Harmonix thinks so.

Over at the Ten Club (official Pearl Jam fan club) website fans are voting on a forty song set-list to become the first fan-voted Rock Band or any other music game project (unless you count Guitar Hero Smash Hits-but that was probably rigged).‚  The voting is facilitated by Rhapsody, as you’re given multiple live versions of each tune to pick from via the service.

IGN reached out to a spokesperson with Harmonix who stated:

“Rock Band and Rhapsody are kicking off a new initiative. Beginning today, the expertise of Pearl Jam’s “Ten Club” members will be tested as they begin sifting through hundreds of live tracks performed by the band. Ten Club members will spend the next four weeks narrowing the pool of songs to a selection of the top 40 live tracks.

A Pearl Jam band exclusive title?‚  This will make five-Aerosmith, Metallica, The Beatles, Van Halen, and now Pearl Jam.‚  Is this where the genre is headed?‚  At least with Pearl Jam the tunes included are being voted on by Ten Club members who actually are paying to continue their membership and most likely have a vested interested in the quality of the title.

via IGN

Pearl Jam Ten Club voting

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