You asked for it. Maybe. Electronic Arts releases it in the fall. Definitely. ‚ What is the elusive “it”?

Don’t get too excited as the title in question is Hasbro Family Game Night 2-now with added digital board games.

Game Night 2 is in development right now for exclusive release on Wii and DS slated for a to be determined fall release date and contains such famous Hasbro games on Wii as Operation, Connect 4X4, Jenga, Bop-it, and Pictureka.‚  Best of all, Mr. Potato head is the master of ceremonies (I feel that dude deserves his own game, but that’s just me).

The DS version of Game Night 2 has the aforesaid games as well as Battleship, SORRY! Sliders, and regular Connect 4.‚  EA has also promised Wi-Fi support to complement the game on-the-go.

Call me a purist, but the actual board games, the non-digital versions, just ooze with authenticity-something the video games cannot simulate.‚  But hey, times they are a changing (the terrible jokes will stop soon)

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