Activision and id Software announced today that Bill Brown is the man who will create the ever-important soundtrack to the upcoming “Wolfenstein” title due out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC sometime this year.

Brown is an accomplished composer whose work has been featured in both feature films, “Ali” and television shows, “C.S.I. NY” alike.

“Bill was the natural choice to create a soundtrack that emphasizes the fast-paced action of Wolfenstein while enhancing the overall mood during key moments and getting players fully immersed in the adventure,” says Kevin Cloud, executive producer at id Software. “Bill crafted the perfect soundtrack when we previously worked together on Return to Castle Wolfenstein and his experience and passion for the franchise will once again allow him to deliver an incredible score that draws the player deeper into the Wolfenstein universe.”

Wolfenstein is going to need an incredible soundtrack in order to match the high-paced action musically, you know, when filling Nazi’s full of lead.

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