Nintendo skimped on quantity this week as only three downloadable titles hit the Japanese video game makers’ three-fold download service-are any of them worth it?

On DSiWare Real Soccer 2009(as opposed to fake soccer?) drops this morning complete with the “never before seen” ability to manipulate both screens and the touch functionality on the pitch.‚  Interestingly, utilizing the cameras built into the DSi system, pictures of anything can be snapped and applied to anything from the soccer ball itself, to your likeness.‚  This downloadable title from GameLoft will set you back 800 DSi Points, but with the aforementioned details and the ability to choose from any of the 198 teams, complete with full and real rosters, may just be worth it.

Joining the army of titles of WiiWare this week is Family Pirate Party (500 Wii Points).‚  Apart from the seemingly contradictory name the ill-timed release (given our issues with Somalian pirates), Pirate Party sounds interesting.‚  Play as Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy, roll the dice, sail through the many islands, and the family member with the most gold wins.

If piracy or soccer aren’t your things, take a trip down memory lane with Galaxy Force II (800 Wii Points), as the single player SEGA Genesis title is now available on the Virtual Console.‚  It’s the same arcade, Martian-blasting arcade title as you remember it.‚  What’s not to love?

And remember, if you recently purchased a DSi, you’ve got 1,000 free DSi Points-use them wisely.

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