You may be wondering just where the hell Tony Hawk, aka Mr. 900 has been in the past few years?‚  Fear not, for we share the same conundrum.‚  Everyone recalls the heyday of Tony Hawk-it was years, hairdos, and generations of consoles ago, but the man, the myth, the legend will rise again May 15.

The Hawk, mere hours ago, tweeted the date for the unveiling of the latest skateboarding game bearing his famous name.

The date? May 15 via GameTrailers TV.‚  The name of the game? Who knows! Could be the elusive “adrenaline” title.‚  With a new studio handling the development duties, and a promised “refresher,” this game has some serious potential.

Mr. Hawk’s tweet was as such:

“May 15 all will be revealed about our new game (dropping this year). I have been harboring the secret long enough.”

There you have it, wait four days and we’ll know a heck of a lot more.‚  Until then check out this video of Tony Hawk Pro Skater N64 footage.‚  Ahh good times.

Tony Hawk’s Twitter account

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