Blast is proud to announce it has signed on as a media sponsor for the upcoming charity fundraiser for Friendship Home, a non-profit organization dedicated to adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Massachusetts-based Friendship Home, a non-profit organization working to enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and their families through quality respite care and creative programs, is pleased to announce the Fashions with Our Friends fundraising fashion show at The Lantana in Randolph, on May 13. A truly unique and heart-warming event, this years fashion show will feature Friendship Club members from Duxbury, Norwell, and Quincy walking the runway modeling fashions from local merchants.

Thanks to the support of local businesses and community members, Friendship Home is planning to break ground on their state-of-the-art respite care and activity center in Norwell for adults with developmental disabilities. The home will provide a place for life skills education, overnight stays, and fun activities for special friends while offering much needed respite for their families who often care for them 24 hours per day without relief. Currently, there are over 2,500 individuals who could benefit from such a facility, with currently only one bed available for their use on weekends. Friendship Home will provide opportunities for education and socialization as well as support for families that are often overwhelmed and isolated. These services are currently offered for four hour periods twice per month in each of three Friendship Club locations.

The Fashion with Our Friends show includes dinner, a raffle and entertainment along with the club member’s fashion show and grand finale performance! Tickets are available on our website for $50 each or through our office — or call 781-740-9507 for more information.

About Friendship Home

At Friendship Home, we are parents, friends, business people, and volunteers from many walks of life, committed to creating a safe, warm, and nurturing home for our sons, daughters, and friends. Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through quality respite care and creative learning experiences. Friendship Home provides an opportunity for community members to help families build a stronger community. Once completed, Friendship Home will be a respite and activity center where people with developmental disabilities can stay for periods of up to two weeks, giving them a safe and stimulating environment, while offering needed respite for their caregivers. For more information visit or call 781-740-9507.

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  1. eddie morer

    Will, its a great job the event was for the good cause. Fund raising for the adult with developmental disabilities is not very good, it makes people enjoy and learn at the same time you can help for the unfortunate. Hope that advocacy will continue to be able to have more people benefits.
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