Guitar Hero publisher Activision took time away from counting stacks of money to throw gamers a bone today with the addition of the Ferret/Metal 3-pack for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

If you dig emo-metal tunes and also have no available digital currency, the track pack will suit you just fine, as the songs are both challenging and enjoyable to play.

Again, the three-peat of screamo tracks are now available on Xbox Live and the PSN with an affordable price-tag of $0.00.

Follow each song’s link for Youtube video of Expert Guitar.

Grave of Opportunity”-Unearth (this one is tough…have fun)

Dez Moines”-The Devil Wears Prada

On Broken Glass”-Chimaira

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  1. hunter

    there should be a guitar hero screamo version for all of us hard core gamers.
    featuring all of the best screamo,metal,and other hard core bands. some like:job for a cowboy,emarosa,beneath the sky,bmth,a skylit drive,parkway drive and many many more. It is a great idea. Heck i know a lot of people would buy it,epically where i live. But i do like how u managed to git some screamo songs on a guitar hero.

  2. Jeff

    I have been saying there needs to be a full game devoted to the screamo music (and by screamo we mean screamo, not chaimara and other death metal bands). It would sell high. Alesana, The Devil Wears Prada, The Word Alive, Asking Alexandria, iwrestledabearonce, BMTH, blessthefall…..stuff like that would make a great game, not only for the lovers of the genre but the fact that (most of) it is intricate and complicated, making for great gameplay.


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