2k Games today *gasp* have announced *clenches fist* the first solid details surround BioShock 2’s multiplayer *sigh*.

According to Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, “The fans asked for a multiplayer experience and we answered.”‚  Oh really? Who answered? It wasn’t me, was it you?*shakes fist in indignation*

All silly written emotes aside, 2k has partnered with Digital Extremes to work on the multiplayer component to the ocean based, corridor shooter.

Multiplayer in Bio2 is said to be a prequel experience bolstering gamers’ knowledge of the lore surrounding the fallen city of Rapture.‚  You’ll play as a plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions (the dudes who brought you plasmids and tonics in the original) and in order to survive must take advantage of the varied “toolset” that only Rapture can supply.

Unlike many multiplayer experiences, Bio2’s will bring storytelling (we don’t yet know how) to the formula and allow gamers to see Rapture before it fell, you know, while blowing the heads of foes.

I don’t see anything revolutionary or redefining in this press release from 2k Games, and would have loved a straight-up single player experience, but hey, this could work?

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