Nexon, publisher and developer of Dungeon Fighter Online revealed specific information on character classes today, only furthering the hype surrounding this unique MMO experience.

First off, Dungeon Fighter is an arcade style, free-to-play, 2-D action/adventure MMO that comes to personal computers sometime in Q3 2009, this much we know.

However, until today, details have been scant regarding the actual playable classes.‚  Never fear for Nexon has detailed the five classes in Dungeon Fighter as such:

Slayer – A swordsman of the highest caliber, doomed to carry with him the demon Kazan, who possesses his body and delivers him his power.

Fighter – A gladiator who thrives in close-range, hand-to-hand combat, in which she exploits a wide assortment of bone-shattering fighting techniques.

Gunner – Tall and lithe, this mysterious alien marks targets from afar and then blows them away with every kind of firearm imaginable.

Mage – Wielding magical powers to subjugate the monstrous horrors of the dungeons, a mage taps into the mystical energies of her magical home world Pandemonium.

Priest – Driven by faith, a Priest is spurred into violent action against the resurrection of the evil Ozma and his legions of marauding minions.

Oooh, I hate beginning MMO’s, as the decision made lasts years and years, but on a gut level, Gunner would be my choice.‚  What about you?

Dungeon Fighter Online

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  1. 7ekos

    the priest cause ima in fighter/boxer and im stong lol. but the fact that a personal comviction to go through hell and fighter a demon for the sake of all is really apealling- besides im cool and i shoot guns everyday- the gunner is for people who dont like close combat and are soft. if it were me i would be the priest.


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