There is something oddly alluring about creating newfangled and unique creatures that clearly resonated with fans everywhere as Electronic Arts and Maxis today announced the 100 millionth Spore Creation has been built since the titles’ launch last summer.

To break that figure down further, about 307,000 creations are uploaded to the Sporepedia each and every day.

And of that lofty 100 million figure, 31,017,761 are franken-creatures, which equals 19 times the number of known species on Earth.‚  However, if EA hadn’t banned “sexual deviant” creatures (we’re looking at you genitalia resembling creatures) the figure would undoubtedly be significantly higher.

Check out the Sporepedia to see the millions of creations.

And if you’ve never ventured to the Spore side of life, a free trial of the Spore Creature Creator can be downloaded here.

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