Nintendo ushers in the first week of May with a double shot of downloadable Animal crossing for DSi, hungry penguins on WiiWare in a strategy based and exciting title, and the 1987 Commodore 64 Tower Toppler, just the way you remember it on Virtual Console.


Animal Crossing Calculator(1 player, 200 DSi Points)-Crunching numbers is a boring and dull task, but not when it’s set in the Animal Crossing universe.‚ ‚  Nintendo promises an “inventive and practical way to experience the charm of Animal Crossing.”‚  The calculator is buffed with an up to 13 digit display, a memory key, a unit converter, and interestingly, the ability to hear the figures pronounced in Animalese!‚  At the end of the day though, you spent 200 DSi points on a glorified calculator.

Animal Crossing Clock(1 Player, 200 DSi Points) – Much like the aforesaid calculator, the Clock is a simple way to get your Animal Crossing fix in a new way.‚  Select from either analog or digital clock interface, with up to three programmable alarms (with snooze.)‚  Make your own Town Tunes or utilize the sound creation tool in the DSi itself for personalized alarms.‚  I may just record myself saying “Eddie, wake the &^%$ up!.”


Penguins & Friends – Hey! That’s My Fish!(1-4 players, 800 Wii Points)-This game looks to be very, very, fun, addictive and hilarious.‚  Your goal is to apply strategy to help feed waves of hungry penguins by moving about a hexagonal board with fish underneath.‚  Hard to envision, I know, images at right!

Virtual Console-

Tower Toppler(1 Player, 500 Wii Points)-What was praised in 1987 for its graphical prowess is now known as a timeless classic that if skipped over can now be revisited.‚  The objective is simple: Ascend the eight cylindrical towers, eliminate various foes, and ultimately hit the destruct button at the summit to end the evil!

Again, remember that if you purchased a DSi you’ve got 1,000 DSi Points at your disposal to be spent on what is now quite a large selection of titles.

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  1. :O

    Looks like the 800 pointers are gonna turn out to be the high quality fun games.

  2. Ethan

    It looks like the DSiWare is giving the system enough momentum untill the enhanced, and exclusive DSi Cartridges are produced.


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