The Sims 3 is going to be a huge title for publisher EA and the millions of fans alike when the title finally arrives on PC this June.‚ ‚  And as gaming continues to trend toward social interactivity, The Sims 3 aims to lead that movement with a robust Online Feature Set available at launch.

The Sims 3 Store- The first round is always on the house and EA is bundling $10 worth of SimPoints with every copy of The Sims 3, provided you register with the website.‚  The store will act as well, a store to purchase additional points to spend on everything from the latest designer outfit, or household furniture.‚  The store will accept PayPal, all major credit cards, and EA Cash in North America only.

Game Launcher- Similar in idea to the greeting screen in World of Warcraft, this launch screen will display news and updates regarding all things Sims before you venture into the world of the fake.‚ ‚  Keep track of downloads, uploads, installs and your media portfolio all within the launcher. Cool.‚­- When June 2 finally arrives, the once marketing-laden website will morph into a community for all things Sims 3.‚  The newly revamped website will display all pertinent information regarding The Sims and will also act as a means to share created content and stay in touch with other gamers.

It feels as if The Sims 3 has perpetually loomed impossibly distant in the future but in one short month and a few days, the incredibly successful franchise will break new barriers and truly redefine what it means to create.

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