Activision and Treyarch confirmed today that four new maps are incoming for the crazy-popular Call of Duty: World at War due out sometime in June on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

World at War Map Pack 2 will feature three traditional multiplayer maps as well as an additional fan favorite Zombie co-op frenzied experience.

“Banzai” has players fighting to control a tall, river bridge deep within enemy territory; “Corrosion” is set in a destroyed Russian train yard, and the close combat zones set in a bombed out submarine base are par for the course on “Sub Pens.”

But really, Zombies are so much more fun to kill right?‚  In “Shi No Zuma,” (zombie swamp) gamers can team up in co-op and take on the horde of Imperial Zombies who stop at nothing to devour your brains.

Hell Hounds, perks machines and a deadly new weapon, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 come with Map Pack 2 as well as ten new achievements on Xbox 360 and trophies on PS3.

Now not only can you kill Nazi zombies, but also Japanese, which begs the question; which group will Treyarch single out next to become undead ammo collectors?

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