Susan Boyle was an instant internet success the second she shared her dulcet tones with Simon Cowell and the rest of “Britain’s Got Talent,” so it’s only fair that she’s earned a parody video.

Eric Schwartz (aka Smooth-e) has been doing his thing across the pond for a while now, and is starting to get noticed over here in the States. For those unfamiliar, Schwartz seems to have a comedic split personality. First is Eric Schwartz, a geeky stand-up comedian with jokes about Lord of the Rings, celebrities, and pop culture.

Then out comes Smooth-e, the Jewish parody rapper. As Smooth-e, he spouts out parodies of popular rap acts like Lil Wayne, Soldier Boy and Eminem. Over the past couple years, he’s become a viral superstar, making it big on Youtube. Recently he’s put up another gem on his website,, of Susan Boyle from “Britain’s Got Talent.”

He’s been on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and BET’s “Comic View” but now he’s spreading his rhymes through a new CD, collecting some of his more popular parodies, and putting some new ones out to his fans. It’s called “Parodies Nuts!” and since its release, he’s become a regular of the Youtube front page, and is gathering up support not usual for parody acts. Along with the CD is a DVD containing 25 different videos, including those that made him famous.

Now Schwartz has a long hard road ahead. As a parody artist, only Weird Al Yankovic has garnered continued success, but now the internet is the name of the game, and it’s a different world now. Anyone can get their ideas onto Youtube and strike it big. So for better or worse, it’s an unusual road that Schwartz is going down. He’s got the chops and the fans, so things look good for his continued success.

For those unfamiliar with Susan Boyle, you can check her out here:

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