Capcom unleashed a demo for the hotly anticipated Bionic Commando via Xbox Live today.‚ ‚  The game features expansive environments and an oddly attractive and innovative high-flying swinging method of maneuvering.‚  Sounds odd I know, so it wouldn’t be absurd to think Capcom wants your insight about the mechanics, hence the demo.

Furthermore, the demo features 8 v 8‚  multiplayer on one of the titles 16 maps called “Vertigo” in the form of deathmatch and clocks in at a mere 580 MB, about half the size of others.

What are you waiting for? Start your download here right now from the Xbox Live Web Marketplace.

Capcom made no mention of a PS3 version of the demo, but as always, when we hear, we’ll pass it along!

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