Ignition Entertainment and Tecmo today announced NOSTALGIA, a brand new IP due out in September of this year for the very popular DS portable gaming system.

How can a new game be nostalgic you ask?‚  Well, I don’t really know, but the ambitious project aims to show us.

Nostalgia is set in an alternate-reality 19th-century Earth where you’ll play as Eddie, a man from London who corrals a slew of companions onto his Zeppelin to traverse a world full of thrilling danger.

More specifically, you’ll explore mysterious locations; slay a myriad of uniquely interesting creatures, complete tons of quests, and save the world from an “unfathomable evil.”

Unfathomable evil?‚  I have a pretty imaginative mind capable of fathoming some very sinister and precarious situations, but hey, we’ll leave it up to Tecmo to truly frighten me.

Nostalgia is first and foremost an expansive RPG spanning the regions of London, New York, Cairo, Russia, and Africa via your high-flying zeppelin.‚  Nostalgia also offers two methods of combat.‚  The first is the close-combat turn-based style RPG fans are undoubtedly familiar with. ‚ However, the other takes place aboard your vessel and simulates large-scale skirmishes between you and enemy airships.

Most interestingly, Nostalgia is being developed by a think-tank of famed Japanese RPG visionaries with the intent of returning to the glory days of such Japanese titles.

Maybe now the name Eddie can lose its idiotic connotations primarily propagated as a result of hyena character in The Lion King.

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