The season of rebirth is upon us.‚  Flowers are sprouting up, trees are beginning to bud, and the desolate winter is finally a thing of the past.

What better way to usher in Spring than with a Nintendo DS bundle? I couldn’t think of a better way, could you?

Nintendo revealed today that a green colored DS will hit shelves alongside a special edition Spring bundle on May 3rd, a week before Mother’s day.

I can’t say I enjoy the new “Spring Green” color, but hey, that’s just me.‚  The bundle however is exciting.

For an undisclosed price you’ll get a green DS, a nifty and ornate carrying case, and the software Personal Training: Cooking which sports more than 245 recipes for the aspiring cook.

Take a peek in the gallery at right for images of the new digs.

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  1. Dizzle

    Man, get your facts straight. The bundle is not a DSi. It is the DSlite.

    Don’t believe me, look closely at the box.


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