Members of the We The Kings road crew were entangled in a confrontation with Philadelphia police last night after the Bamboozle Road Show at The Living Arts center. The police officers were attempting to write the members of Mercy Mercedes a ticket for their van which was illegally parked. We The Kings tour manager Travis Fair went out to see what was going on and was allegedly forced back inside. When Fair repeatedly shoved open the door of the venue officers followed him inside the venue and arrested him on the stage.

We The Kings merchandise handler Chris V went outside to see what was going on and was reported to have gotten into an altercation with the police officers and was allegedly beaten. Chris V suffered injuries to the head and was hospitalized after the incident. Fair and two other crewmembers were taken into custody. All members involved in the incident have been released and have not posted any news that there will be delays or cancellations on the tour.

We The Kings front man Travis Clark updated his twitter during the incident saying, “There is nothing worse then a friend asking you for help & knowing you can’t do anything about it cause 5 cops are standing in front of you.”

Philadelphia police were unavailable for comment.

Below is a video of Chris’s arrest made by Artist Approach who were filming that night at the show.
The Bamboozle Road Show(April 26 Philly): Bands, Batons, & Blood

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  1. Tom

    That’s what you get for being an asshole and getting in a cop’s face. It’s very simply, don’t pose a threat, don’t get stick time.

    • Jake

      well your ******* stupid Tom. thats police brutality you ******* idiot. their ******* bike cops. their fat asses cant be regular patrol.

    • Chris

      Are you kidding me? If you don’t know the whole REAL story, then don’t fucking comment. He wasn’t in the Cops face, and he wasn’t posing a threat asshole.

      Some people are so damn stupid, it amazes me.

  2. Lauren

    WHAT???????? they were not bieng assholes in the cops faces!!!! they asked for the badge numbers and got beaten up…those cops wrongfully abused their powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michelle

    Ok thats stupid… what… happens daily to normal citizens…does that mean we can beat the crap out of someone for getting into our faces. The government is corrupted….and the fact that they were telling the girl filming that she couldn’t do it isn’t right either…it’s total proof of any indication of misuse of power….and if they weren’t misusing their power why were they stopping her from recording….

  4. harry

    It’s not suprising, nor warranted. It’s common and hidden from most people. It’s important to post videos and make more statements online about it because this kind of thing has happened for as long as the police force became a ‘force’.

    Getting drunk on power and authority is pathetic, being unable to reel yourself back in is pathetic, it’s even more pathetic to do it under the banner of law enforcement.

    Cops can find themselves in dangerous situations, they are told to limit the risk of a situation from escalating, more often than not this means act aggressively first. As any intelligent person will know, not all situations deserve this kind of reaction.

    It’s not the pigs fault that they’re too stupid to understand this.

  5. Nick

    This is just police abusing there power but not all police do this and we have to thank those you aren’t corrupt and actually help our community but what happened here was completely unwarranted and uneeded


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