The increasingly popular Luminary: Rise of The GooZu is set to receive new weapons, environments, real-world politics and economics game-play later this month and is offering free closed beta access to those who sign up via the new official website.

Luminary: Rise of The Goozu is an approachable yet deep 2-D MMORPG for PC complemented by Anime-style 2-D graphics and boasting a large user-base and is on the rise.

The basis of Luminary is a sense of community.‚  In order to succeed the town must cooperatively work together and supply goods in the towns demand.

As in any society, the community is stratified and some will elect to assume power. ‚ In doing so, in an ultimate attempt to attain the “GoonZu” adage, the player must be elected by his gaming peers, and only then is granted the responsibility to set taxes, create laws, and efficiently run their community.

Best of all, Luminary is absolutely free.‚  Head on over to the closed beta signup page and throw your name in the hat.

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