The Rock Band machine is running at full capacity with the recent LEGO Rock Band announcement as well as the detailing of The Beatles: Rock Band premium bundle last week.

Oh, and yes, Harmonix releases new tunes to the digital music store each and every week.‚  Harmonix didn’t skip a beat this week and announced that Jane’s Addicition’s “Nothing Shocking” entire album is this week’s DLC on all three consoles.

All tracks are master recordings and are available individually ($1.99/160MS Points) or in the album’s entirety ($15.99 1280 MS Points) on PS3 and Xbox 360, and only individually (200 Wii Points) on the Wii.

“Up the Beach”
“Ocean Size”
“Had a Dad”
“Ted, Just Admit It…”
“Standing in the Shower… Thinking”
“Summertime Rolls”
“Idiots Rule”
“Jane Says”
“Thank You Boys”
“Pig’s in Zen”

All songs by Jane’s Addiction and available for purchase next Tuesday and Thursday for Xbox 360 + Wii, and PS3 respectively.

via the Rock Band forums

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