Calypso Studios, an eco-fashion company based in Richmond, Virginia, recently launched their new line of eco-friendly S.H.O.P Totes. With over 500 billion plastic bags used annually, the unique S.H.O.P. (Start Helping Our Planet) Totes are designed to make a difference bag by bag. Ed and Kathy Lawrence, founders of Calypso Studios‚ have announced their First Annual Earth Day Event with the kick-off of their S.H.O.P Totes giveaway.

The‚ business‚ has vowed to donate over $10,000 worth of their S.H.O.P Totes on the 39th Annual Earth Day. Today you can register on their website to win an Acts of Kindness S.H.O.P. Tote. The drawing ends on April 22, and the eco-friendly winners will receive their bag after Earth Day to accessorize their wardrobe and to support Calypso’s mission of re-using shopping bags.

With the collaboration of several American artists, Lori Siebert, Emma Hand, Robin Roderick, Tina Higgins, and Andrea Tachiera, Calypso Studios was able to launch their artistic collection to the world in January. The Start Helping Our Planet Tote not only eliminates the amount of plastic that our planet consumes, but is easy to carry, giving modern consumers a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. The totes easily roll up into a 2″ X 3″ size, and three of the bags fit into one convenient wristlet carrying case.‚ 

“In our ever growing eco-friendly world, we are proud to announce our Start Helping Our Planet Totes,” said Kathy Lawrence. “They are convenient, fashionable and can travel with consumers everywhere they go.”

Besides caring for the environment Calypso also works closely with American Artists, creating jewelry and accessories from earth’s natural elements that are fashionable, economical, and earth friendly. And, a percentage of all their sales go towards‚ ‚ environmental organizations the business is‚ involved‚ with. So, go ahead and enter your name to win that tote, maybe you will find an earth-friendly accessory to buy too.

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