Well, that was fast. Just yesterday it was announced that XSEED was no longer going to be publishing Muramasa: The Demon Blade in North America, but no worries, as Ignition Entertainment almost immediately stepped in to keep this game alive and kicking for those of us who are stateside.

Muramasa is being developed by Vanillaware, who is responsible for one of the best games released all of last generation in Odin Sphere, a Playstation 2 exclusive. That title was known for more than just its gameplay, as its 2D presentation helped it become one of the prettiest titles the gaming world has seen. This is no mere hyperbole either; take a look at the screens for Muramasa, and you will know exactly what I mean, as you could certainly argue that it’s the prettiest looking game being released this year on any platform.

Muramasa is a Wii exclusive that is now slated for release in September of 2009. We will have more information for you on the game as it nears release later this year, but just know that based on footage of the Japanese version of the game, this looks like something we should all take some time to look at. For those of you who are worried about motion controls and the like, you can stop right now, as the game will support your “traditional” Wii control scheme of Nunchuk and Wii Remote, as well as the Classic Controller and the GameCube controller. I may just play this with the Cube controller, myself, though we’ll see how the button mapping for the other two plays out.

In addition, Ignition is boasting about 16:9 widescreen support and branching storylines for replayability. That’s two things I love to hear.

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