Knights in the Nightmare looks like it may be 2009’s version of The World Ends With You. I don’t mean that it’s copying the gameplay, or the style, or anything like that. What I mean is that developer Sting and publisher Atlus have created an RPG that breaks from the norm by a considerable amount, partially thanks to an innovative and multilayered battle system that will be unlike any standard RPG you’re used to.

In fact, the battle system has so much going on that at first glance, without any explanation, it seems tough to figure out just what is going on. That’s why Atlus has started to release a set of tutorial videos, meant to help potential players get interested in the title, as well as teach us about just what is going on.

The first of these tutorials is below, as is the trailer for the game. Check back here for more info on Knights in the Nightmare, as this is looking like one any DS-owning RPG fan would be crazy to miss out on.

I have to say, if the music in the game is anything like the music in the trailer, then we have even more reason to be excited.

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