Not satisfied with the first two DLC packs for the dynamic, open world RPG Fallout 3?‚  If that sounds like you, or just want more Pipboy action, Bethesda Softworks recently announced Broken Steel, the third episodic add-on for the title, set to release in timely fashion on May 5th.

Broken Steel comes exclusively to Xbox 360 and PC (sorry PS3 fans, you must smell bad or something), raises the level cap to 30, and eliminates the games’ ending.‚  Closure is overrated anyway.

Available for 800 MS Points, Broken Steel will introduce your character to an entirely new environment outside of the Wasteland and bring new weapons, enemies, and perks to the fray, one in particular that that allows for the summoning of your deceased canine companion.

Furthermore, Broken Steel drops you into the latter part of the title, changes the way the original title ends, and expands the storyline unendingly.

Speaking with Brian Crecente, managing editor of, Pete Hines of Bethesda said “Broken Steel has no ending, there are no more endings, we got the message.”

As far as length is concerned, Hines stated that the total duration is a “bit longer than The Pitt, coming in at about four to five hours of gameplay, and that it also adds a bunch of sidequests which each take 30 minutes to an hour to complete.”

Now that we know Broken Steel ups the level cap to 30, what about more difficult enemies and the effort needed to reach the cap?

“Enemies are a lot tougher,” Hines said. “You start seeing new enemies at level 18.

“Advancement from 20 to 30 takes a ton of experience points.”

There you have it folks, Fallout 3’s latest DLC drops in two weeks, brings a slew of new features and quests to the experience, and eliminates any sense of conclusion.‚  Just what could Bethesda possibly do next? Oh that’s right, the company recently revealed Fallout Vegas with scant details. Let the hype begin!

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