So April is not just about the great looks you will put together with the great deals you will find at your favorite stores. No, April is also about caring for the earth and doing something special for Earth Day, April 22.

However, if you’re not the type of woman that plants a tree or join PETA we have a cute‚ alternative‚ for you so you can look the part. One of our favorite stylists at SalonCapri, Nick Penna Jr., has shared‚ some neat hair tips to create‚ dreadlocks, the easy way.

Start by sectioning off your hair into half-inch sized pieces.‚ Apply a wax to the section of hair smoothly. By using a comb, tease the root area of the hair and begin to twist the hair slowly.‚ Spray with a light hairspray and you twist and use a flat iron to hold the hair in place and move it up and down to create a “dreadlock” look. Not only will this look real but you won’t have to shave your hair afterward.

Now, in order to do‚ something‚ that will actually help Mother Earth, Penna also gave us these earth-friendly beauty suggestions, like skipping on shampoo to conserve hair products and save money on your hair.

Shower daily, but don’t always shampoo. Just wash out hair with water and dry it normally.‚ Three times a week use shampoo and wash hair thoroughly. By reducing the amount of times you shampoo a week, you can also save on fading your color.

“Washing your hair every other or every third day is fine and actually better for your hair. Invest in a good shampoo. While it may cost more up front, it lasts much longer and you don’t need as much,” Penna said.

Now that you got the look part down for April 22, start looking for a charity that will be hands-on protecting the environment so that you can donate some of the money you will save on those hair products.

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