Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars released about a month ago and with a staggering Metacritic score of 94, as well as a 9.5 of our own, certainly is a masterpiece of handheld mayhem, but what about multi-player?

The kind folks at RockStar Games dropped us a line today, and clued us in to the frenzied multiplayer component to their precious baby.‚  The fifth trailer from RockStar, officially titled “Wi-Fi Mayhem” highlights the titles’ various multiplayer modes.

In total, three types of game-play are shown including the co-op defense oriented “Defend the Base,” the furious, blood-rending “Stash Dash,” and “Race Mode,” where players must put the pedal to the metal and out-drive opponents in any of Liberty City’s 20 courses.

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