Electronic Arts and Mythic Entertainment today announced the beginning of “Beyond The Sands” -the most recent event held in the virtual reality of Warhammer Online.

As part of the “Call to Arms” live expansion, an endeavor Mythic embarked upon to bring continually fresh content to players, “Beyond The Sands” offers players of both the Order and Destruction factions the ability to migrate south towards the Land of the Dead.

For this week only players must recover the artifacts of Nehekharan Kings and put down the problematic Liche Priests.‚  Should you succeed, not only glory is your recompense, rather you’ll earn the elusive “Grave Robber” title, unique “Tomb King” trophies, and for online masters, the stunning “Aviator Goggles” pictured at right.

“The next big event in the Call to Arms live expansion has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Mark Jacobs, vice president and general manager of Mythic Entertainment. “‘Beyond the Sands’ introduces the ancient and eternal Tomb Kings to WAR, a game already packed with amazing content. This live event is just a small taste of the Tomb Kings-themed, undead mayhem still to come!”

Head on over to the official event page for more info and his-res screens.

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