Bethesda Softworks, creators of such superb titles as Oblivion and the Fallout series unveiled their plans for 2010 at a press conference in London today.

According to Kotaku, details on the new game are scant, but Bethesda’s Pete Hines confirmed that Obsidian Entertainment (KOTOR 2: Sith Lords) has partnered with the publisher to work on a new title, Fallout Vegas.

Fallout Vegas is not a sequel to the award winning Fallout 3 of 2009, and will embody the similar role-playing experience fans of the franchise admire.

Stay connected with Blast, and as more information surfaces we’ll be sure to bring you the gushy details.

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  1. fallout freak

    carnt wait hope its as good as fallout 3 but need new wepons lots of them and bigger map for us real gammers

  2. Raymond

    Lets pray for more weapons much higher level cap, far bigger sized map more creatures and a few more weapons we can make on our own. FallOut 3 was perfect but I would love to see the game again with far greater maps weapons creatures and more good vs bad choices kind of like the option we had of blowing up that town or saving them all and disarming the nuke they worshiped in FallOut 3 this would be the best game of 2010 by far no questions asked.


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