Street Fighter IV, the latest in the famed series from Capcom is about to get a lot more hardcore.

The new Championship Mode, available for free download through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network was created “with an eye towards serious gamers” and offers fighters who think they have skill to take to the online battleground and crack some skulls.

Championship mode will bring 5 different grades of tournaments to gamers and Capcom promises that each match will fit the right challenge for players of all skill.

Character selection will be double-blind, meaning that you won’t know who you’re fighting until the battle has begun.

Each tournament win scores you more Grade Points (GP), and with more GP, you’ll be able to enter higher level tournaments.

Furthermore, winning Tournaments nets you Championship Points (CP), which CapCom equates with prize money, and the higher the GP the more CP and renown is earned.

Here’s where it gets interesting though; the top 5000 CP leaders will have the option to upload a replay available for PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers to view.‚  However, all systems were not created equal and while PS3 fighters are watching a replay they can review the replay with remarks of “beautiful,” “awesome,” or “funny.”

Xbox 360 gamers can’t vote on replays, but can toggle on input commands and see exactly what button manipulation tactics top players are employing.

Finally, Capcom mirrors my sentiment for quitters and a new system will not only dock them of points earned, but humiliate them in front of the global audience of gamers.‚  If you disconnect during a match you will not be able to advance in the tournament and your disconnect percentage will be magnificently displayed for all to heckle you about.

Championship Mode hits Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network Friday April 24th with an affordable price tag of zero dollars and zero cents.

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  1. Juggy Singh

    Just downloaded Championship Mode for the Xbox, its not working, u cant connect to or create matches. Worse still u can even play the normal xbox live matches, ranked and player!! Sort this out capcom, while release an update that is obvioulsy not working and then detrement to the current online play!!! Imagine having had paid for this update just like the recent res 5 multiplayer, i would be pissed!!!!!

  2. Eddie Makuch

    Juggy..We have reached out to Capcom citing your concern. As soon as we hear back we’ll pass the information on.


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