Square Enix today announced a partnership with strategy game aficionado Wargaming.net to bring a brand new World War 2 title to the front by the name Order of War.

The single player campaign has two distinct options; either take part in historically based events as American vs. German troops on the western front, or German vs. Russia on the eastern.

Order of War plans to separate itself from others in the genre by featuring the most large-scale, brutal, and intensive war scenarios ever created.‚  Except for, you know, the actual war.‚  Gamers will be able to control ground troops, artillery, tanks, and aircraft, altogether generating the greatest “cinematic intensity” as Squenix puts it, the genre has ever seen.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix seems uber excited about the new game when he says:

“ORDER OF WAR offers Square Enix an exciting opportunity to enter this hugely popular genre, and is a strong proposition for our first western-developed release. With its cinematic intensity, hugely realistic battles and historical accuracy, the game looks set to whet the appetite of any war-gaming fan.”

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