Pre-ordering games is a habit gamers love to take part in.‚  Not only are copies of popular games guaranteed, the emotional attachment of knowing that “I sorta own the game already” is an intangible, but wholly important aspect of the service.

However, the only way to guarantee yourself a copy is to fork over a nominal fee, right? Wrong.‚  A new reservation program at retail outlet Target pays you to do business with them.

The basic idea is as such; you fork over $1 for a collectible reservation card with your game of choice’s logo plastered on its face, and when the release date finally arrives, you bring the card into the store, pick up your game and receive a complimentary $5 gift card, to be exclusively spent at Target.

Clearly, Target is thinking loss leader on this one, because who can buy a video game without soda and snacks, especially if they’re right there?

According to the first slew of titles to make use of the new system are: Punch Out!!, EA Sports Active, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, and UFC 2009 Undisputed.


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