A driving instructor was clearly sending the wrong message to his students — he was found guilty Thursday in Ipswitch District Court for giving a driving lesson while he was drunk.

Daniel Winsky, 53, of Salem, was found guilty and sentenced to 18-months probation and a one-year loss of license after being found guilty of operating under the influence.

Winsky was technically “operating” the Anthony’s Driving School car he was in because those cars are specially fitted with a brake on the passenger side for instructors to take control and stop cars during driving lessons with new drivers.

Authorities said that on December 26, 2007, Winsky went into a Cumberland Farms on Central Street in Ipswich to buy a soda, and the clerk and a customer detected a strong odor of alcohol. When the customer observed Winsky step into the car with a sign that read “Anthony’s Auto School,” she called police. The car was pulled over a very short time later on High Street in Ipswich. Winsky was not arrested at the scene, but was later cited.

The driving instructor will also have to pay $2,000 in fines and attend state-mandated classes of his own.

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  1. justin bartlett

    I went to his driving school back in the 90’s when I was learning to drive, he seemed to be a great driving instructer , at the time he taught me alot.. I was greatfull to all he did for me at the time. he did not seem to be the type to pull something like that but I guess people can change..


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